Introduces Magento Inventory Management Software for Online Retailers

eSellerHub is a specialized Magento inventory management software which supports unlimited number of items and its variations. It is the easiest way to manage your inventory on not only your online stores but also your physical stores and warehouses. Below mentioned are some of its key features:-

Magento Inventory Management Software

Product Listing

You can now list your products on Magento from other sales channels and vice versa quickly with just few clicks of a mouse using us. Expand your market and get your products exposed to maximum sales channels.

Centralize Inventory

We maintains the record of each and every item on all your stores. As soon as an item gets sold, returned or exchanged on any of your stores, the inventory gets updated on all your stores immediately. This helps you in providing accurate information to your customers and totally eliminating the instances of low stock and overselling.

Quick Order Fulfillment

As soon as an item from your Magento store or any other marketplace is sold, it gets updated on eSellerHub. You can now manage all the orders received from multiple sales channels from single dashboard. This feature enables you to fulfill orders quickly as the process of pick, pack and ship becomes easier and less time consuming.

Access to Performance Reports

We provides complete data of items sold through your Magento store and other marketplaces. You get complete information about the best selling product as well as lowest selling product. Based on these performance reports, you can take informed decisions and achieve success in your online retail business.


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