Use Online Inventory Management Software to Control Costs and Save Time

Inventory management is the most significant part of any online retail business. Beginning from product listing to order fulfillment, inventory management is required at each and every level. Instead of managing the inventory manually with the help of excels sheets, it is always better to go for inventory management software which can save your time and control your costs. The question may be arising in your mind as to how can inventory management software does that? We will tell you how –

Online inventory management software

Features of Inventory Management Software

Product ListingOnline inventory management software can list your products from your store to multiple marketplaces simply by uploading an excel sheet. Thus, you save lot of your time and costs which you are paying right now to the manpower uploading product details manually on each marketplace you are selling on. As multiple marketplaces can be integrated with the inventory management software, it understands the complexity of each one of them and works accordingly.

Updating Inventory – Imagine getting your inventory updated on multiple marketplaces automatically as soon as any item is sold, exchanged or returned. Online inventory management can do that for you 24/7 on a real-time basis. This way, you eliminate the chances of overselling and low stock instances and improve the profitability of your business.

Warehouse Management – Inventory management solution can help you in even managing and tracking products lying in different warehouses. So, as soon as you receive an order, your inventory management software would provide all the information about the products based on their barcode details. Thus, you can pick products quicker and proceed further for order fulfillment without wasting time in searching for products in different warehouses.

Print Labels in Bulk – The online inventory management software can enable online retailers to print labels in bulk. Even if the seller receives hundreds of orders in a day, printing shipping labels is no more a time consuming job.

Shipping Integration – You have the facility to integrate multiple shipping services with online inventory management software. As soon as you receive an order, you can select the best shipping option which can save your cost and deliver as soon as possible in that specific region.

Reporting and Analysis – You can access the performance reports and fetch out the information relating to which product was maximum sold and which marketplace yielded maximum profit for your business. Based on that data, you can take profitable decisions for future and grow your business.

Using online inventory management software in your business not only saves your time and money but also increases efficiency which results in higher customer satisfaction. In online retail business, you never meet your customer face to face. Thus, the only way to impress your customers is to provide efficient services and quick delivery which is possible only with the help of online inventory management software. Just get in touch with eSellerHub team today to provide flawless products and services to your customers and gain unexpected profits in your business.


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