What to Look for in Magento Inventory Management Software?

In today’s scenario of ecommerce business world, 1 out of 4 online retailers select Magento as their online store platform. More than 200,000 online retailers are using Magento which is the most popular eCommerce platform available.

Magento is well known for providing powerful admin panel which offers flexible catalogue management tools and SEO functionalities. Each and every retailer has unique requirements relating to their online store. Magento is capable enough to optimize the look, content and functionality in a customized manner ultimately providing awesome shopping experience to your customers.


Magento also offers an inventory management extension available on Magento Connect Store which helps you in tracking inventory and supply chain management. But, what if you are selling on Amazon, Ebay and other marketplaces also at the same time? Then it would be a struggle managing inventory on multiple marketplaces as Magento extension doesn’t support multiple marketplaces. Moreover, it has also become necessary to sell on multiple marketplaces to sell more and grow online business.

In that case, you need a specialized Magento supply chain management system at your rescue. eSellerHub a well known inventory management system would be a great option for you, as it can integrate Magento store, eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces in order to streamline inventory levels and enable error free order fulfillment process. So, no more dissatisfied customers because of overselling issues or inefficient order fulfillment process.

Let us discuss some inventory problems faced by online retailers and their solutions provided by eSellerHub:-

Low Stock

eSellerHub allows you to set an alert which reminds you when an item goes below a particular threshold. This enables you to restock that item at the right time and never miss sales on highly demanding products.


eSellerHub syncs the inventory level across multiple marketplaces and thus all your stores are showing exact number of items for sale. You are actually selling items which are already with you in your warehouses. Updating inventory on real-time basis eliminates overselling issues.

Multiple Warehouses Management

eSellerHub enables you to get the updated information about the inventory stored in multiple warehouses which avoids confusion and mistakes while you are fulfilling the orders. All you need is to check the location of the item sold and start its pick, pack and ship process immediately.

Enables Quick Order Fulfillment

eSellerHub integrates various shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, USPS etc., and thus gives multiple options to fulfill orders. You can select the fastest delivery option and enable quick order fulfillment resulting to happy and satisfied customers.

Managing Suppliers

Track and monitor multiple suppliers, prices of items provided by them and their performance to ensure reliability in services. In case, a particular item goes below a particular threshold, eSellerHub enables you to send purchase order automatically to the respective supplier and save your time and at the same time saving you from low stock issues.

Track Performance

eSellerHub helps you in tracking sales performance of the products and multiple marketplaces. You get the information about which product was maximum sold from which marketplace and the profit or loss you have experienced for a particular period. This enables you to take informed decision for future and excel in your online business.

In conclusion, eSellerHub can help retailers to manage their stores in a convenient manner at the same time maintaining speed and accuracy required to be competitive in this industry. Just get in touch with us using details available on http://www.esellerhub.com/contact-us.html and we can suggest you some additional features which can be integrated in eSellerHub making it just perfect as per your business logic.


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