A Must Have Tool for Growing your Online Retail Business

In ecommerce, sustainability and growth is impossible unless you’re willing to invest resources into tools that can help you scale your business.

Are you selling on multiple marketplaces and striving hard for the growth of your online business? If yes, then you are at the right place. Sustaining and continuously growing in E-commerce business requires hard work and smart work both. You really require investing in online inventory management software in order to boost your online business in a smart manner.


There are some tasks related to your online business which you need to automate like inventory management, order fulfillment, supplier management etc., so that you can provide flawless services to your customers. There is no doubt about it that happy customers always lead towards growth of the business.

Here, we will discuss about how an inventory management tool can help you in growing your online business.

Inventory Sync

Are you sure that your inventory is synced on all the marketplaces on real time basis? If not, then just give a second look on how are you managing your inventory. Is it through a spreadsheet or any other inventory management software which is not competent enough? As soon as a product is sold from any of your marketplaces, the inventory should get updated in all the marketplaces. This will give an accurate figure of your inventory which is not only good for your customers but also benefits you. Problems like overselling and low stock can be avoided with proper inventory sync throughout all your marketplaces. Inventory management software you choose should be updating the inventory count on real time basis which is very important.

Order Fulfillment

Do you have the records of the product which has been sold has been stored in which warehouse? It is understood that its quite difficult to maintain the data manually on a real-time basis. Inventory management software automates this process with the help of item barcodes and simplifies the entire process of pick, pack and ship. Every customer buying online prefers quick delivery and if you fail to do that, the customer would never return to you. Deliver quickly with the help of smart inventory management software and gain good reviews and loyalty from your customers.

Supplier Management

Stay updated with the suppliers and their products. Automatically send purchase orders to your suppliers as soon as the products go below a particular inventory level. This would help you in maintaining stocks and fulfilling customers’ demands easily. As soon as you receive purchase orders from your suppliers, the inventory gets updated on your store and other marketplaces automatically.

Analysis and Reporting

With the help of online inventory management software, you can easily analyze and generate reports to know the exact sales and profit figures. You get to know which products were highest and lowest selling. Based on that you can take future decisions and succeed in your online selling endeavor.

Just integrate….

The problem is, there are A LOT of online inventory management tools out there. It’s not always easy to know to choose which one of them. We can really help you with that. Just call us for a free demo and know it yourself whether E-Seller Hub – online inventory management software works out best for you or not. The best thing about E-Seller Hub is that it is customized inventory management software, so you can just let us know the functionalities you require as per your business logic and we can just make that happen.

So, just automate your online business and get ahead of your competitors.


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