Repricer: What’s the fuss about Repricing on Amazon?

Are you losing buy box over your competitors? Now you can win the buy box constantly with a magic tool Repricer.

If you are not aware about the tool – Repriser, let me inform you that a repriser is a tool which adjusts your price enabling you to win the “Buy Box”.

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Each and every seller on Amazon knows the importance of winning a Buy Box. Winning a Buy Box means success in selling your products over Amazon.


Many people think that repricer is used only to lower the price of a product which can be done manually also. This approach can be totally wrong and you really need to give a second th
ought to this as it might be profitable for you.

Here we will go through some myths relating to repricer software, which will not only clear all your doubts relating to that software but also convince you to go for it.
The Repricer is not only used for lowering the prices

The good repriser software or our Inventory Management Software
is not programmed to just lower the prices, it is there to adjust the price as per the situation. You cannot keep a constant watch on the changes in the competitors’ prices. Repriser does that for you. If configured properly, it can give great results as it adjusts the prices as per your competition and helps you to achieve the sales that you were not even expecting.

Don’t need Repricer as not selling many products

If you are not selling higher number of products, and would like to manage the price feature manually, then that might be one of the worst decisions you have ever made. With the help of repricer software, you can be rest assured that the price adjustment job of your products is being done 24/7 and even when you are on vacation. The time you are spending on adjusting the prices of your items can be spent in better productive jobs which can be helpful in growing your business.

Loss due to Repricer

You can never incur loss using repricer if you have configured it properly as it lets you adjust minimum and maximum price. After calculating shipping and all the overheads, if you have set the right minimum amount of your item, you will never incur loss. On the contrary, many times it has happened that people configuring prices manually have incurred loss due to typography. For example, instead of inserting $100 for a product, they have inserted $1.00. Just a typography error but a great loss for the business isn’t it?
Repricer doesn’t allow customized strategy

If you have chosen the right Online Inventory Management or repriser software then let me tell you that they have a specific help desk team which supports you in setting up a customized strategy just suitable to your business. Let them know about your particular needs and they will give you a proper solution for the same.


Just note that all repricing systems are not the same. Before buying a reprice software, research about various available in the market, check their features and select the one which best suits your business. Like any other investment, buying automatic reprice software is very much important so invest your time in learning all its features and get the best out of it.


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